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Tryouts, Tryout & Tryouts

 I feel that's all you ever see anymore. Does anyone take a group of young players and develop them?
What happen to getting a group of players at nine years old and developing and coaching them up to their high school years?

It seems every year teams are having to replace players. is this because  coaches don't want to have to develop players, and they would prefer to find the best possible kids and just go out and win?
Do teams lose that many players every year or are they discarding the weaker players for stronger players each year.

Or is it the parents who have turned their kids into free agents, with so many teams playing,  are they not getting their way or think their kid is too good for the team, so they just move on to other teams.

When I used to coach there was no better feeling then watching the kids grow each year, these kids were not just players on the team they were like family members to me. Now granted it was sometimes a little dysfunctional family but who's isn't sometimes. We really didn't start to see the kids start leaving until the high school level when they chose other sports or some moved on to higher select teams.

Do you think as a coach you can get the best kids and go out and win a bunch of games?
Do you feel having new players come in every year is more rewarding then taking a group of kids at eight years old and developing them?

As a parent is it better to bounce your kid around from team to team every year playing with kids who live miles away,and know nothing about each other where some parents don't even know the players name or where they live.