I recently attended a local travel game in my area. I was surprised at one of the teams inability to make the plays. The difference between the two teams were miles away. One team had outfielders backing up bases on every pitch. Infielders backing the throw back to the pitcher. Now granted these teams were nine years old and haven't had much time to develop.

The difference between the two just blew me away. It was almost as if an All Star Team was playing a recreation team.  After the game I had to find out about the teams. That was it the one team a semi serious travel team vs a team of rec players and a few all stars. So is this the new state of travel baseball. Are the teams playing travel now recreational type teams, has it become more of everyone should play travel and not just the more serious coaches and players.

Granted this example was of 9 year olds but from what i hear this is in all age groups where the quality of play has diminished over the years. Does this hurt the more talented players who are pitching or playing against much less talented players ? Does it help their development when they can just throw heat and no one on the opposing team can catch it or just put the ball in play and you will win. Is this the norm today in travel baseball or are leagues separating teams on talent levels that could be tracked . It makes me wonder if travel baseball has just become travel rec ball. I am not opposed to that. It just seems it used to be your more advanced players played on the travel teams.
Do Travel Teams Develop Players?

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