Holiday Gift Sales:

If you are going to sell items for fundraisers do it at the right time of the year, there are several companies who sell Christmas wreaths for fundraisers and parents and family members enjoy purchasing some thing when they can actually use it .

Look to sell pumpkin pies or any pies for that matter around Thanksgiving or like I said earlier sell Christmas wreaths so they can get them around Christmas.
Candles seem to do well around the holidays as well.

The Cooler and Chip Fundraiser:
We all know from playing travel baseball there aren't always concession stands open or even one at all, so this one really does well. Set up a cooler with some soda,water and a few bags of chips  and raise a little money while watching the game. I have seen some teams rack in some dough in the course of a season. If you only make $10.00 a game in a ten game season that's  a  hundred easy dollars. Pick up a case of soda, water and  box of small bagged chips  at a Wal-Mart or Costco and  you're making money.

The Toilet Bowl Fundraiser.

Yep that's what I said . Okay, now this one is a little crazy but it  worked . 
A parent went to home depot and they asked them to donate a broken toilet or one they couldn't sell. Home depot came through, and the parent took the toilet home and painted it with the team colors  and put the team logo on it.
He then proceeded to drop off this funky looking toilet in friends and family members of the team, as well as player's and coach's yards. With the toilet he left a note explaining how you can have the toilet removed from your yard.
The only way would be a fifteen dollar charge and that wouldn't guarantee that it wasn't coming back! If you wanted to make sure the tiolet stayed off your front yard, you have to pay the fifteen dollar charge plus a five dollar insurance policy and you are able to chose whose yard it lands in next. Well let me tell you something, when you came home from work and saw this toilet sitting by your front step twenty dollars was no problem. From what I had heard they raised money in the thousands. This fundraiser worked great for this specific club because there were 16 teams all using  the same logo, so they had plenty of homes to plunge.

Ads on the Team Web site: I am surprised when I surf through team web sites that I don't see more of this. Companies like League Lineup offer a great fundraiser, you will have to pay a little more but League lineup will make and install ad banners for your sponsors on your site. Basically, you go out and get a sponsorship from a local business, then you send their website or information to league lineup and they do all the art work and update it on your site. This worked out very well.

Just a quick suggestion you can give the sponsors options such as:
Bronze sponsor goes on shirt for x amount of money
Silver gets on shirt and gets a web banner for x amount
Gold gets on shirt, web banner and team banner for x amount.

You will be surprised if you make the gold the best value, many will go for it.

I hope this list helps you in your quest for raising money for your travel baseball team. I am sure there are plenty of other great possibilities out there.
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