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Travel Baseball Team Fundraising.

Anyone who has been around travel baseball for a while will tell you it can get very expensive for just the basics such as uniforms and team apparel.

As Travel baseball grows so does the cost. Teams can pay upwards of $600.00  per player to attend a Cooperstown All star village or Cooperstown dreams park. That's just for one kid to attend the weeklong tournament . So more teams are looking for ways to raise money; so I  figured it would  be a good idea to compile a list of ideas we have used. Some I have just stumbled across and would like to  pass them on. This list is no where near the ultimate list but it may help get you started..

The Old Can Shake: 
        Some people call it begging but you can call it what you want, it is a great way to raise funds. Most businesses will allow you to do a can shake just by asking. Some corporate stores may  require you to submit a letter on team letterhead requesting time to can shake. This can raise a nice penny and  it seems to work better when the kids are younger. A few suggestions would be have your players wear full uniforms, print out a sleeve to go around the can with your team name or logo on it. Also make up a poster board explaining who you are and what you are raising money for amd the costs on the board. I have actually had people read it and walk over and double the amount of money they were going to drop in the can, just because they know now where the money is going.

The Car Wash:
This one seems to be tougher and tougher as time goes on. Finding a location to let you use their parking lot on a weekend is tough but I have found that a lot of garages are not open on Sundays so they seem to be a good place to start. One thing I have found to help convince the business to donate the lot and water is purchasing additional insurance rider from an insurance company just for the car wash... this way just in case little Johnny drops the sponge on the ground and it picks up a few rocks and scratches a supporters car by accident, the business owner doesn't have to be concerned about being sued.

The Sponsor Shirt :
This one surprised me the most. Basically you have a one color screen printed shirt with the team name or logo in the front, you make up a flyer for local businesses to purchase a line with their business name on the back. We were charging $100.00 per name on the back and this sold out quickly. Businesses like to get some advertisement for their sponsorship. The average cost to have it printed was about $10.00 per shirt. We required every kid to purchase it and asked them to wear it at practice so we knew they would give the businesses who supported us exposure in the town.

The Sponsor  Vinyl Banner:
This was the same concept as the shirt except we charge a little more for a spot on  the banner.
This was fairly simple, the business paid a fee and we had a vinyl banner made with our team name on it and surrounded it with the sponsors name. We would just hang this banner at all our games on the fence. I would suggest taking a simple digital photo of  the team with the banner, print it out and at the end of the season drop it off so the business can see the vinyl banner and the team  for themselves.
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